About WXBC

Putting the X in Experimental since 1947

WXBC has been operating from the basement of Manor since it was founded by Elie Shneour, Kyle Steele, Benjamin Heller, Albert Stwertkz, William Frauenfelder, Cyrus Bently, Arthur De Baun, John Bishop, Thomas Marshall, Donn O’Meara, and John Steketee, as a senior project in 1947. Since its conception, WXBC has been a student run, free form, uncensored radio station, offering students an alternative to established media and offering students the chance to share their stories, the latest trends in music, and campus news.
As a student run station, we believe in the ability of college radio to bring together a diverse, lively community gathered around our common love of music and radio, and we are proud to bring the Bard community together both on and off campus. WXBC’s first official broadcast was on November 22, 1947, and we have no plans of stopping!
Dick Sherman ’49, Caroline Andrews ’48, Corinne Sherman ’49, and other students perform live on air in 1948