Stochastic Events Playlists

Stochastic Events playlist for 03/15/2016

Toppling left and right through passage ways and booby-traps, our heroes emerge from ancient ruinous labyrinths to a three way divide. Splitting up, each explores his own path, all unraveling wondrous, but mysterious, artifacts. David discovered a crystalline pair of spectacles, Fred exhumed a jade bowtie, and Silas opened the door to... a modern bathroom?

Stochastic Events playlist for 03/08/2016

Three months ago, our heroes found themselves teetering on the edge of a canyon in the middle of an expansive desert! Unable to move for fear of toppling to their deaths, they even forwent eating, until a B jamaicensis landed on the ship's bow, sending them plummeting into the abyss! ...or so they thought. The travelers hadn't got a very good view of their surroundings and failed to realize that the canyon was only two feet deep. To celebrate, they raided the ship's ration stores and ate their fill.

Stochastic Events playlist for 12/15/2015

We find ourselves on a mystifying beach, and try to take in some sun after weeks of time travel and fearful adventures. Warm, summery vibes and chatty, cheery christmas themes relax us as we bask on the sand and ride the soothing waves. Out of nowhere a gigantic mocha suit comes surfing up to us. Inside is the horrific Donald Trump. We dive into a motor boat and flee his swinging golf club and unfashionable baseball cap. When he halts in his pursuit and we are carried by an ever quickening current, we realize our fate as we have reached the end of the ocean.

Stochastic Events playlist for 12/08/2015

Fred was taken during the night by the horrid Kale Monster. David and Silas chase after the bits of kale and distraught soundtracks left in their wake. Finally spotting the wretched sight of the Kale Monster, (IRONSIDES!) they push forward in a brave attempt to save Fred from the ferocious mandibles. With all members rescued and safe from peril, they flee through the jungle, seeking whatever oblivion may await past the low hanging branches of neoclassical and acoustic daydreams. Breaking away, we come upon an open plain, only to find... a seemingly medieval war.

Stochastic Events playlist for 12/01/2015

Fred returns with a hyperdrive in hand, turns out he was just meandering around the inner halls of our spacecraft... for 2 weeks. We manage to get it installed, and suddenly David's somewhat sedated body gets caught on our windshield. The engine kicks into gear and we are no longer drifting through spooky soundscapes. Excitement and thrill seize us as we tumble forward through space and heavy percussive chatter, only stopping when Earth comes between us and our trajectory. Settling, miraculously, in the mysterious jungles of our home planet, we escape the vessel in search of food.

Stochastic Events playlist for 11/24/2015

David continues to float, hover, exist, sneeze, spiral, and drink through time and space in a nasty loop. We await the return of at least some parts of him which we will try to reconstitute. Fred disappeared after we entered the full eclipse of Twonkus 3, which not only cut out radio transmission, but also the lights, leaving us in still and absolute darkness (surely Fred's long awaited escape route). After kicking about outside for a while, I'm confident that Fred will find his way back indoors like a house cat after an excursion through a cold February night.

Stochastic Events playlist for 11/17/2015

We're traveling through space. One of our shipmates fell out the window, through the past, and into the future that we just passed through. While we wait for him to whip back around the time-umbrella loop, we're passing the space by enjoying the timeless sounds of music with a K, like in Kannada. Sometimes malignant, but often times merely supple in their gratitude, these sounds are carrying us on waves of essential being, radical freedom, and toothpaste.

Stochastic Events playlist for 10/20/2015

The pod of whales that saved our hosts last show became suddenly overzealous. One of the whales ate them. Whole. The westering radio show wanders blindly into the moist, warm depths of the whale. They find: turtles discussing shell design, crusty Punk bands, Wallace Stevens' poem "Landscape with Boat," ambient dronescapes. In the middle of the whale's innards they find... PEOPLE! All different lands, young and old. Some international tunes are followed by... oh no! a massacre! Our hosts climb into a submarine from the 60's.

Stochastic Events playlist for 10/06/2015

we drift mysteriously at sea, encountering all manner of strangeness. Professor, Vigilante, and Dutchess Ariella drifts on her (more luxurious) raft and tells us how to clean our teeth in a whiskey infused ramble. David's survival guide fails us continuously, Fred's severed leg makes him delirious, Silas tries his best to keep us afloat. his efforts fail us and we slip under the waves and encounter some whales that may be able to help us find shore...