quietLOUDquiet Playlists

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 05/11/2016

i needed to take some time off, but i'm glad to be back. much love xoxo

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/20/2016

some big and heavy songs for you 2nite. *shels is a phenomenal band, plzplzplz check out Plains of the Purple Buffalo: https://shelsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/plains-of-the-purple-buffalo


quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/13/2016

welcome back, stressing about sproj finishing up, need to work on that nonstop for the next few weeks. this week's got some dank tunes, but i might have accidentally listened the new mogwai to death while doing data collection. anyway, best to everyone xoxo <3

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/06/2016

we've got some pretty pummeling songs tonight.

apologies for last week; i was preparing for a show at thee mighty root cellar here on campus as my project bowhead

also, check this out; it's a fucking game changer: http://bestpetcam.com/the-ultimate-live-streaming-pet-camera-list-for-an...
you can live stream cat shelters and use your computer to control the toys

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 03/16/2016

hey all, we listened to some post rock and ambient stuff tonight. the songs i selected turned out to be a bit more nostalgic by the end...

no scheduled programming next week for spring break, but will resume after that!

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 03/09/2016

tonight we kick off the first show of my last semester with some essential post rock tunes. lots of long ones, sit tight and get crushed in the first half, built again in the second.

the last track is v. important - yndi halda releases their second album after ten years; it's absolutely gorgeous.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 12/14/2015

end of the semester. not a lot of ambient stuff. mostly big sounds. some of my favorites, some songs to make you lift yr fists. see you in the next year xoxo

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 12/07/2015

slowwwwwwww down. we've had too many things happen. tonight i want you to hear some music that i like for these times.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 11/30/2015

time's flying by, hope you don't get crushed by tonight's sounds. got some loud and ripping musics.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 11/23/2015

Lo-fi set for you tonight, ending with some stuff off of Caspian's latest release, very good.

Gorecki Symphony 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPhrG82nV2c

Calum Johnston: https://calumjohnston.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-blue-ridge-to-the-rock...

next week will be a crushing one, haven't had enough of that recently.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 11/16/2015

A comfy show for you all :^) Lots of goodies.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 11/09/2015

Resurrected from the tech. difficulties of last time. Got a bit more of an energetic show for tonight.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 10/26/2015

got a super cool list for everyone. Playing the latest GY!BE record in its entirety and thinking a bit about it after sitting on it for several months.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 10/19/2015

installment ii

got some new music to share. it's great

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 10/05/2015

First show of the Fall, so stoked! Unofficially played some of be water's recent EP, "will", before the show. It's lit and pay what you want. https://bewatersound.bandcamp.com/album/will

This show is divided into a first heavy hour, and a second lighter more ambient hour designed to rebuild us.

Crushing <-> Uplifting

Got a lot of doozies on here 2nite, strap urslf in