EZ playlist for 11/15/2015




Romeo's Show playlist for 11/12/2015

A rich brianstorm


quietLOUDquiet playlist for 11/09/2015

Resurrected from the tech. difficulties of last time. Got a bit more of an energetic show for tonight.

EZ playlist for 11/08/2015


Disarming Ableism: Disability at Bard playlist for 11/07/2015

I wanted an excuse to play Grimes ok

Night on Glacier Bay playlist for 11/07/2015

Sat down and drank my tea tea tea, felt my teeth hurt, called three friends. Two friends. It was long and sometimes boring and sometimes good I don't really know, awkward mostly, but fun. So. Yep. I learned a couple of things about some good friends of mine, checked in on them. And, like our conversations, this description has gone on too long and has no direction. But is still kind of enjoyable?


Bird up: the worst show on radio playlist for 11/05/2015

I'm not DJ Rosévelt, but I wish I had thought of that name

Romeo's Show playlist for 11/05/2015

Rap Rock!!!!

Children of the Cloth playlist for 11/05/2015

Straight chillin. Playing the same five bands over and over again. Come get you some Antlers, Beach House, Jeff Buckley..... and more. Welcome to November.