so holy it hurts playlist for 02/28/2016

it was fuckin lit

so holy it hurts playlist for 02/28/2016

fuck uyah

so holy it hurts playlist for 02/27/2016

it was fuckin lit

so holy it hurts playlist for 02/27/2016

it was amazing
i love radio

Stochastic Events playlist for 12/15/2015

We find ourselves on a mystifying beach, and try to take in some sun after weeks of time travel and fearful adventures. Warm, summery vibes and chatty, cheery christmas themes relax us as we bask on the sand and ride the soothing waves. Out of nowhere a gigantic mocha suit comes surfing up to us. Inside is the horrific Donald Trump. We dive into a motor boat and flee his swinging golf club and unfashionable baseball cap. When he halts in his pursuit and we are carried by an ever quickening current, we realize our fate as we have reached the end of the ocean.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 12/14/2015

end of the semester. not a lot of ambient stuff. mostly big sounds. some of my favorites, some songs to make you lift yr fists. see you in the next year xoxo

Night on Glacier Bay playlist for 12/12/2015

Show: told some sad stories, had an 8 second rap, played 2 songs. Twas good.


Romeo's Show playlist for 12/10/2015

jazzz and other selections (notjazz, funk and rock)

Stochastic Events playlist for 12/08/2015

Fred was taken during the night by the horrid Kale Monster. David and Silas chase after the bits of kale and distraught soundtracks left in their wake. Finally spotting the wretched sight of the Kale Monster, (IRONSIDES!) they push forward in a brave attempt to save Fred from the ferocious mandibles. With all members rescued and safe from peril, they flee through the jungle, seeking whatever oblivion may await past the low hanging branches of neoclassical and acoustic daydreams. Breaking away, we come upon an open plain, only to find... a seemingly medieval war.

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 12/07/2015

slowwwwwwww down. we've had too many things happen. tonight i want you to hear some music that i like for these times.

EZ playlist for 12/06/2015



Children of the Cloth playlist for 12/03/2015

My favorite albums: The Glow, Pt. 2 and.....

Coming from the Trash playlist for 12/01/2015

tired dont want to be here need to do homework but music and stuff i have lots of papers and i am hungry and i went to bed at 4. I am tired and hungry