watching movies with the sound on playlist for 04/07/2016

Tonight's showing is Do The Right Thing by Spike Lee. Very nice movie. Stay safe out there

*40 oz. emoji* playlist for 04/06/2016


quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/06/2016

we've got some pretty pummeling songs tonight.

apologies for last week; i was preparing for a show at thee mighty root cellar here on campus as my project bowhead

also, check this out; it's a fucking game changer:
you can live stream cat shelters and use your computer to control the toys

The Annandale Trail playlist for 04/05/2016

Deep Sea Arcade listenin', DJ Ben ramblin'

Coming from the Trash playlist for 04/05/2016

Some beautiful sweet sounds from everywhere. Having a great time!
I also cut off like three songs in the middle because they were bad.
i kNOW thats bad radio but the songs were really bad. Not what i meatnt for them to be. but that sok.

Hot and Heavy playlist for 04/04/2016

Braving the snow to put on the show! Kyle also braved the shave for St. Baldrick's. How does it feel to be bold? Will Matias be here? Is Displacer playing Punk Rock Prom? These questions were answered!

Kuddelmuddel playlist for 04/04/2016

i don't actually hate this weather, in fact i actually find it quite contemplative and comforting and if you don't agree you can gtfo

Uncle Trash Takes a Spill playlist for 04/03/2016

Everybody takes a spill sometimes

misplaced planet playlist for 04/01/2016

its 77 degrees and snowing tomorrow what the duck

Cry Baby Stew playlist for 03/31/2016

Special GUEST my little BROTHER AW wish he was here every time

watching movies with the sound on playlist for 03/31/2016

Tonight's showing is History of the World: Part 1 written, directed and starring the incomparable Mel Brooks and narrated (don't ask me why) by the cinema great Orson Wells.

Daddy Problems playlist for 03/30/2016

guest star Tiana Tremblay tonight to you folks

*40 oz. emoji* playlist for 03/30/2016


(feat st marx)

Hot and Heavy playlist for 03/28/2016

First day back. Tired and bored. Why did we come back? I can't understand why I write essays. But I do understand why we play music. We'll play the tunes and forget about life for two hours.

Kuddelmuddel playlist for 03/28/2016

quit yer bitchin'

The Annandale Trail playlist for 03/28/2016

Psych tunes, Ben's a loon