David & Joel's Radio Show playlist for 02/26/2009

the economy/we love rihanna

Deus Ex Machina / Naked Music playlist for 02/26/2009

we read Oleanna by David Mamet. We also played the first three songs Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits album twice, cus we could only get that cd to work. Also, there is no need for excuses when playing Fleetwood Mac.
If you want to call in or skype in or come in to our show to read plays with us (your own or whatever we're reading) we'd be thrilled!!! We're nice people!

Sunshine Frankenstein playlist for 02/26/2009


Precious Moments playlist for 02/25/2009

First. Fucking. Show.

SPACE/OFF playlist for 02/25/2009

Radio Free Bard playlist for 02/24/2009

GANGSTER LEGS playlist for 02/23/2009

Breakfastentialism playlist for 02/20/2009

This week - Music From Canada!

office hours playlist for 02/09/2009

office hours

Boner playlist for 02/08/2009

we jamed hard

Forcible Bro Extraction playlist for 09/15/2008

I played more hot jams!!