misplaced planet playlist for 10/07/2016

fuck it im still making playlists

misplaced planet playlist for 09/30/2016

first show holy moly!! !! !! !!!! mackerel! holy mackerel! !!!
the itty bitty titty committee tid bit power hour

misplaced planet playlist for 05/13/2016

let me delete this pussy thing

quietLOUDquiet playlist for 05/11/2016

i needed to take some time off, but i'm glad to be back. much love xoxo

Coming from the Trash playlist for 05/10/2016

keyboard donrt werk.

happy birthday hunter1111

Kuddelmuddel playlist for 05/09/2016

dreaming of sandwiches

Daddy Problems playlist for 05/04/2016

YaYa's back again and we chillin wednesday night shit

The Annandale Trail playlist for 05/03/2016

Excerpts from Les pêcheurs de perles with pop interludes.

misplaced planet playlist for 04/29/2016

im alone but thats ok

Daddy Problems playlist for 04/27/2016

lonely show 2nite just me listening to what's up, if I feel wazzooed enough I may read some poetry?

The Annandale Trail playlist for 04/26/2016

Macca rollin' us shit. Crimson & Clover. Love it

Hot and Heavy playlist for 04/25/2016

The show was done from 3-5 today because Rage Against the Machine was practicing from 5 onward for Saturday's Punk Rock Prom. I had to be there to show them around campus. First hour was done by Kyle, and Matias joined for the second hour. An artist each set, playing, what we believe to be, a few essential songs.

Kuddelmuddel playlist for 04/25/2016

dreaming of shipwrecks