hey djs,

so this week's meeting was like this:

we got some new music
i put it on the top shelf in the booth
i also updated the catalog on the computer
you can open it in excel and hit command-f to find an artist or album

i'm glad to see you guys have been using the playlist stuff online
remember if you blow it 3 times, you lose yr show

we started putting up the pyramid acoustic foam padding on the walls in the booth
please treat it nicer than you did the carpet
we have the white paper up there for you do draw on
plz not the walls

i'm still waiting on student treasurer to fork over the cash for the video equipment

i changed the permissions on the new site so that you can comment and change your username
if you are still having trouble logging in, go to your show's profile
your username is the dj handle that is in the information about the show
spelled just like that and everything
i hope you remember the password
if not email me wxbc.manager[at]gmail.com

tomorrow, kenji and i are gonna try to reformat the "what's hot" section of the playlisting
that way it will show more than 6 tracks
if you are interested in getting involved with WXBC,
we have a new project that needs help
i'm not gonna lie, it sounds a little drab: transferring our catalog to the site
but it means that you can come to pizzadrink meetings on mondays
send me an email if you're interested in this or any other wxbc project

also, do you guys want blogging capabilities?
if so please comment.

k bai