Dear Pratella

sound art

"Dear Pratella, I submit to your futurist genius these propositions of
mine, inviting your discussion. I am not a musician by profession and
therefore, I have no acoustical prejudices, nor works to defend. I am
a futurist painter who projects beyond himself, into an art
much-beloved and studied, his desire to renew everything. Thus,
bolder than a professional musician, not worried about my apparent
incompetence, and convinced that audacity has all rights and all
possibilities, I was able to divine the great renewal of music through
the Art of Noises."

- Luigi Russolo
Milan, March 11, 1913

"Dear Pratella," is a platform and forum for thinking about
sound-based art. Each program will ask questions about the making,
presenting, and receiving of sound, share research into sound-based
art works, and discuss questions asked with the listening public and
invited guests.

The "Dear Pratella," radio program is Part 1 of a project by Michelle
Y. Hyun, taken in completion of an MA thesis at the Center for
Curatorial Studies, Bard College. Part 2 of the project will be an
on-air exhibition, as one of three venues, for sound-based art works
by contemporary artists in May 2011.

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* Only airs once a month on Monday, 10am - 12pm. Broadcast dates:
29 November 2010
13 December 2010
22 February 2011
29 March 2011
26 April 2011
17 May 2011