quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/20/2016

CloudkickerSignal/NoiseLittle Histories
CaspianFire Made FleshWaking Season
If These Trees Could TalkMalabar FrontIf These Trees Could Talk
Gifts From EnolaTriesteFrom Fathoms
SolkyriI Felt Unsafe, I Felt At HomeSad Boys Club
Ghost NotesMelt, BloomHidden Horizons
*shelsJourney the the PlainsPlains of the Purple Buffalo
Audrey FallWolmarMitau
MogwaiBitterness CentrifugeAtomic
This Will Destroy youWar PrayerAnother Language
twincitiesmude...plays the brown mountain lights
Industries Of The BlindWaiting and waltzing in airport terminalsChapter 1: Had We Known Better
The End of the Oceanwe always think there is going to be more time...Pacific.Atlantic

some big and heavy songs for you 2nite. *shels is a phenomenal band, plzplzplz check out Plains of the Purple Buffalo: https://shelsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/plains-of-the-purple-buffalo