quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/13/2016

Beware Of SafetyKevin SpaceyLeaves/Scars
Bounce HouseThe Chicken and The ChalkNevermore
A Silver Mt. ZionSow Some Lonesome Conrers So Many Flowers Bloom"This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing,
This Will Destroy YouQuietYoung Mountain
65daysofstaticTaipeiWild Light
MogwaiHelicon 1Ten Rapid
Saxon ShoreOur Mountain Pass, a Winding TrenchFour Months of Darkness
The Six Parts SevenConversation HeartCasually Smashed To Pieces
The Six Pats SevenStolen MomentsCasually Smashed To Pieces
BloodwallDeliberateI Have Seen The Loc Ness Monster In A Hole Where Two White Walls Collide.
Young LoversAt UnionYoung Lovers LP
Signal HillA Secret SocietyMore After We're Gone
Thousand Mile ChannelMeadowsT A P S
Lowercase NoisesA Little Lair For A Very Small BearVivian
twincitiesjanuary 25th...plays the brown mountain lights
Chris FelizziHolding Hands OutsideNullify
whiskgoing up up upnodding

welcome back, stressing about sproj finishing up, need to work on that nonstop for the next few weeks. this week's got some dank tunes, but i might have accidentally listened the new mogwai to death while doing data collection. anyway, best to everyone xoxo <3