quietLOUDquiet playlist for 04/06/2016

MogwaiChristmas StepsCome On Die Young
PelicanFinal BreathWhat We All Come To Need
SolkyriI Am The MotherfuckerAre You My Brother?
Ghost NotesFreedom ScoutsMoonlight State
pg.lostSpirits StampedeKey
kokomoPills and PillowsMonochrome Noise Love
Russian CirclesEnterEnter
65daysofstaticThe UndertowWild Light
A Silver Mt. ZionBlindblindblind13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Years of Rice & SaltAfterglowNothing of Cities
Years of Rice & SaltAmongst Your Earthiest Words The Angels StrayNothing of Cities
Red SparowesWe Stood Transfixed In Blank Devotion As Our Leader Spoke to Us, Looking Down On Us With a Great, Raging, and Unseeing EyeEvery Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun
This Will Destroy YouNew TopiaAnother Language
CaspianEcho and AbyssDust and Disquiet

we've got some pretty pummeling songs tonight.

apologies for last week; i was preparing for a show at thee mighty root cellar here on campus as my project bowhead

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