quietLOUDquiet playlist for 03/16/2016

pg.lostSill alrightIn never out
PelicanAutumn Into SummerThe Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw
Yndi HaldaTogether Those LeavesUnder Summer
MonoBurial At SeaHymn To The Immortal Wind
If These Trees Could TalkBreath Of LifeRed Forest
If These Trees Could TalkThe First FireRed Forest
CaspianAeternum ValeDust and Disquiet
CaspianDust and DisquietDust and Disquiet
Across the SnowBaychimoGhost Ships
I Was Given Feet To Follow YouCafe RossoI Love You, Forever
Yume BitsuSurface IYume Bitsu
This Will Destroy YouGod's TeethAnother Language
Mike NaideauGoin' up a hillAwake
Alexander AultmanToday, One Year AgoOnce in a While
Nathaniel's GhostRainShort Stories
twincitiesevenings wait; the morning's breakvariations for the celesta
Signal HillCalifornia Is Too Longself-titled EP

hey all, we listened to some post rock and ambient stuff tonight. the songs i selected turned out to be a bit more nostalgic by the end...

no scheduled programming next week for spring break, but will resume after that!