Stochastic Events playlist for 03/15/2016

EyewitnessThemeEyewitness Series
John WilliamsIndiana Jones Theme SongIndiana Jones Soundtrack
Michael LevyThe Epic of Gilgamesh
Xylouris WhiteChicken SongGoat
Psarantonis & The Ensemble XylourisThe Sun Sleeps In The MountainsMountain Rebels
(Traditional)Hurrian Hymn no. 6
Thomas Le CorreMi/SiLes Sieges
Blood wallSleeting RainI Have Seen The Loc Ness Monster In A Hole Where Two White Walls Collide.
William BasinskiThe Disintegration Loop (extract)
Cedar FallsElsaThe First Time I Saw Elsa
Wild RootFlit of the Cantharis
This Will Destroy youMother OpiateAnother Language
Halim El-DabhWire Recorder PieceCrossing into The Electric Magnetic
Cousin SilasBlack WurmNecropolis Line
Harry Gregson-WilliamsTermsKingdom of Heaven OST
Yasmine HamdanHalYa Nass
Saban BajramovicDjelem Djelem
(Ancient Roman Lyre Music)
Hans ZimmerHungerBlack Hawk Down OST
Maurice JarrePushtukanThe Man Who Would Be King OST
Screamin' Jay HawkinsConstipation BluesSpellbound

Toppling left and right through passage ways and booby-traps, our heroes emerge from ancient ruinous labyrinths to a three way divide. Splitting up, each explores his own path, all unraveling wondrous, but mysterious, artifacts. David discovered a crystalline pair of spectacles, Fred exhumed a jade bowtie, and Silas opened the door to... a modern bathroom?