Stochastic Events playlist for 03/08/2016

EyewitnessEyewitness Theme
The Be Good TanyasWaiting Around to DieChinatown
Le AlmeidaDesemparParaleloplasmos
Lymbyc SystymShutter ReleaseShutter Release
DoshO MexicoThe Lost Take
Frank ZappaThe Ugliest Part of You (reprise)We're Only in it for the Money
SyzygysFauna GrotesqueComplete Studio Recordings
Afande SeleMalaria
PalbertaHair's Gonna GrowMy Pal Berta
This Will Destroy youA Three-Legged WorkhorseThis Will Destroy You
Ghost NotesFreedom ScoutsMoonlight State
Fuzzy HellMake A Desert, Call It PeaceCardinal Grand Cross
Ennio MorriconeMain ThemeThe Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Ennio MorriconeThe Ecstasy Of GoldThe Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Darren KorbSlinger's SongBastion OST
Them Crooked VulturesScumbag BluesThem Crooked Vultures
Brian Eno with John Hopkins & Leo AbrahamsBone JumpSmall Craft On A Milk Sea
The Gateless GateAltaiRemnants
Norman and Nancy BlakeBlind DogBlind Dog
ChulavystaCamina solo entre las balasMontana Sagrada
Mogwai`Fear Satan (LP Version)Kicking A Dead Pig

Three months ago, our heroes found themselves teetering on the edge of a canyon in the middle of an expansive desert! Unable to move for fear of toppling to their deaths, they even forwent eating, until a B jamaicensis landed on the ship's bow, sending them plummeting into the abyss! ...or so they thought. The travelers hadn't got a very good view of their surroundings and failed to realize that the canyon was only two feet deep. To celebrate, they raided the ship's ration stores and ate their fill.

Unfortunately, David fell ill, leaving Fred and Silas to try and diagnose him... from the inside. Using a shrink ray they found in the back, David shrunk them down and thus began their investigation. Splitting the points of entry in order to cover more ground, they found the source of David's ailment when they reconvened in his stomach: David had devoured a whole, uncooked potato! Nothing a bit of explosives couldn't fix: Silas and Fred blew the offending spud to smithereens and made a quick getaway.

Feeling much better, David un-shrunk his companions and together set off to explore their new surroundings, looking to find materials with which to repair their damaged vessel. Not too long after venturing into the desert, the three were separated by a sudden sandstorm! Luckily, they were able to reconvene after the storm subsided, and upon arriving back at the ship, they noticed a mysterious gunslinger standing atop the dysfunctional machine...

He called out in his native tongue, but before any information could be gleaned a meteor craterized both the ship and ominous figure. The three inspected the wreckage and found to their amazement an entrance to an ancient tomb. Opposed to succumbing to the elements, the travelers decide to delve into the underground ruins...