The Annandale Trail playlist for 03/01/2016

The Young TraditionKnight William and the Shepherd's DaughterOberlin 1968
The Young TraditionThe Prentice BoyOberlin 1968
The Young TraditionIdumeaOberlin 1968
Johnny CashA Boy Named SueAt San Quentin
The Young TraditionLullay My LikingThe Holly Bears a Crown
The Young TraditionShepherds AriseThe Holly Bears a Crown
The Young TraditionInterludeThe Holly Bears a Crown
The Young TraditionIs it Far to BethlehamThe Holly Bears a Crown
Gilbert and SullivanThe Nightmare SongIolanthe
Gilbert and SullivanThe AesthetePatience

A mix of English Folk Music, Gilbert and Sullivan, and Johnny Cash was presented with readings of the portions of the Essays on American Empire (Vidal), the First Catilinarian Oration, Speke Parrot, and A Drunk Man Looks At The Thistle