Stochastic Events playlist for 12/15/2015

Arcade FireChesnuts RoastingChristmas Album
Alvin and the Chipmunks (slowed down)How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Christmas
Arcade FireO Holy NightChristmas Album
The HangersSummer GetawayHalf the Fun
CaspianHalls of the SummerWaking Season
Tom LehrerA Christmas CarolSong & More Songs
MediseasinThrow Me a Dry TowelCATCHES A WAVE
Freshly CutThai CoconutOttawa Ska Fest 2011 Sampler
Tom PaxtonThe Fatal GlassI'm the Man That Built the Bridges
Tom LehrerBright College DaysSong & More Songs
Harry NilssonCoconutReservoir Dogs ST
Jaunting MartyrsSurfin TziganeJaunting Martyrs
Le AlmeidaEsterParaleloplasmos
Lambert, Hendricks, and RossEverybody's Boppin'Everybody's Boppin'
Invisible HouseHookjawInvisible House
Thousand Mile ChannelKayaksT A P S
Lymbyc SystymParaboloidSplit Stones
Trombone ShortyBuckjumpFor True
Darren KorbPercy's EscapeBastion OST
Daft PunkDerezzedTron Legacy
Eon QuestSpectersExcursions EP
Slavic Soul Party!Teknochek CollisionTeknochek Collision
End of the OceanMaybe For the BetterPacific.Atlantic
La MarAnchorsLa Mar
MonoBurial At SeaHymn To The Immortal Wind
SambakzaThere She Is: Step 5There She Is

We find ourselves on a mystifying beach, and try to take in some sun after weeks of time travel and fearful adventures. Warm, summery vibes and chatty, cheery christmas themes relax us as we bask on the sand and ride the soothing waves. Out of nowhere a gigantic mocha suit comes surfing up to us. Inside is the horrific Donald Trump. We dive into a motor boat and flee his swinging golf club and unfashionable baseball cap. When he halts in his pursuit and we are carried by an ever quickening current, we realize our fate as we have reached the end of the ocean. Tumbling off the edge into our time machine, we survive and return to our own time. Unfortunately for your favorite radio show, when we arrive in 2015 our time traveling vessel is perched atop a cliff above a deep and treacherous canyon...