Stochastic Events playlist for 12/01/2015

Halim El-DabhMeditation in White SoundCrossing into the Electric Magnetic
twincitiesminiature places and luminous linesmemoirs: to dust
Tiny Silver HammersDaywalkerDance with Me
Hay BabyPretty hairSUPERPRESENT
HananPay AttentionSonder
The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to DieYou Will Never Go to SpaceWhenever, If Ever
65daysofstaticSafe PassageWild Light
Matthew James BriggsKrzeminski's StarKrzeminski's Star
Cousin SilasIvy MikeNecropolis Line
TotorroMotte-RockHome Alone
Kool & The GangJungle BoogieWild and Peaceful
Gang of ThievesDinosaur Sandwich PartyDinosaur Sandwich Party
Mingus Big BandMoanin'The Essential Mingus Big Band
Gladius The FertileBird ChirpGladius The Fertile
EnyenyimbaRangi Ya Chungwa
MediseasinCatch a WaveCATCHES A WAVE
LuoNocturnalLapis Lazuli EP
LjonesJazz TechnicianSoul Below
Justine LucasHologram LagoonHologram Lagoon

Fred returns with a hyperdrive in hand, turns out he was just meandering around the inner halls of our spacecraft... for 2 weeks. We manage to get it installed, and suddenly David's somewhat sedated body gets caught on our windshield. The engine kicks into gear and we are no longer drifting through spooky soundscapes. Excitement and thrill seize us as we tumble forward through space and heavy percussive chatter, only stopping when Earth comes between us and our trajectory. Settling, miraculously, in the mysterious jungles of our home planet, we escape the vessel in search of food. What we find, when our wearied legs and upbeat swahili jazz can carry us no further, is a chamber set in the ground at the feet of a monolith. The image of a monstrosity emerging from the forest is etched through natural erosion prominently on the face of the monolith. Without hope of finding any other shelter, we pull our legs close to our chests and hesitantly sink into a deep, but nervous sleep.