Stochastic Events playlist for 11/17/2015

Godspeed You! Black EmperorMoyaSlow Riot For New Zero Kanada
twincitiesGentle Melodymemoirs: to dust
Fly Pan AmLa vie se droit d'être vécue ou commençons a vivreCeux qui inventent n'ont jamais vécu (?)
King CrimsonEpitaphIn the Court of the Crimson King
Gordian KnotGraceGordian Knot
Trey GunnKumaThe Third Star
Fripp & EnoEvening StarEvening Star
Fraternal TwinSmall Wind PowerSmall Wind Power
CaspianCMFHymn For The Greatest Generation
MediseasinQuiet RoarQuiet Roar
Fuzzy HellRing SongToxicology Songs
Nathaniel Noton-FreemanInfinite Grains of SandWhorl
Lost in the RiotsRadianceMove On, Make Trails
HeliosEvery Passing HourYume
Massive AttackSplitting the AtomHeligoland
mogwaiAutorockMr. Beast

We're traveling through space. One of our shipmates fell out the window, through the past, and into the future that we just passed through. While we wait for him to whip back around the time-umbrella loop, we're passing the space by enjoying the timeless sounds of music with a K, like in Kannada. Sometimes malignant, but often times merely supple in their gratitude, these sounds are carrying us on waves of essential being, radical freedom, and toothpaste. Enduring the xanex musk of high speed time travel, we have emerged, through sandstorms of awe and precipices of unknown, into the world of tomorrow. Oddly enough, it is also the world of yesterday, and today, and two days ago last year. Finally, our transmission breaks as we fly through Twonkus 3.