quietLOUDquiet playlist for 11/16/2015

ZhaozeThe World Is A Blue StoneYond
65DaysOfStaticSafe PassageWild Light
Saxon ShoreSide by Side in This Gentle DescentFour Months Of Darkness
CaspianLong The Desert MileWaking Season
MogwaiI Know You Are But What Am I?Happy Songs For Happy People
ArrowaySmall MovesHow Far Can We Go With One Breath?
Alexander AultmanBirds on the MoonOnce in a While
Yume BitsuThe Frigid, Frigid, Frigid Body of Dr. T.J. EcklebergYume Bitsu
Pregnant HeadRhea's DreamAfterlove
MetavariIo, Apollo and the VeilBe One of Us and Hear No Noise
CloudkickerLet Yourself Be HugeLet Yourself Be Huge
Charles WhiteLunaireIII - Starlight
twincitiesunspokenmemoirs: to dust
Across the SnowBaychimoGhost Ships
be waterfaithful messengerwill
Years of Rice & SaltLolaNothing of Cities
This Will Destroy YouLeather WingsThis Will Destroy You
Signal HillCalifornia Is Too Long - AlternateDistance

A comfy show for you all :^) Lots of goodies.