Stochastic Events playlist for 10/20/2015

DisneyUnder the SeaThe Little Mermaid OST
Lowercase NoisesFarewellMigratory Patterns
Eon QuestKomodo DragonsExcursion
Matthew James BriggsTurtle MusicTurtle Music
End of the Oceansouthern skies"Pacific.Atlantic"
Cousin SilasIn One Corner of the Sky (Jupiter Sings)The Path Between trees
Musicformessier & Cousin SilasInvisible AliensLeaving the I.S.S.
ConversionWave breakerSeeming Emptiness
PelicanThe CreeperWhat We All Come To Need
ZAZJe veuxZaz
Mr. TwisterDawai Rock 'n' RollDawai Rock'n'role
Cameron de la Isla & Paco de LuciaRosa Maria
Slavic Soul Party!Opa CupaTechnochek Collision
Waited PhetsunphanDing Ding Dong
World's End GirlfriendWe Are the MassacreThe Lie Lay Land
ChulavystaIntroductionTierras Prometidas
ChulavystaTierras PrometidasTierras Prometidas

The pod of whales that saved our hosts last show became suddenly overzealous. One of the whales ate them. Whole. The westering radio show wanders blindly into the moist, warm depths of the whale. They find: turtles discussing shell design, crusty Punk bands, Wallace Stevens' poem "Landscape with Boat," ambient dronescapes. In the middle of the whale's innards they find... PEOPLE! All different lands, young and old. Some international tunes are followed by... oh no! a massacre! Our hosts climb into a submarine from the 60's. They escape from the whale and surface to find themselves in a very, very cold world–