Completely Up & Running

Dear WXBCers,
After over a month of the weather and technical problems barraging us constantly, we are officially running full force, yet a little soggy, both on AND off campus! In much thanks to our fabulous one beardy man tech crew.
Please remember to redownload the links under the listen tab to tune in!

Finally Broadcasting

welcome listeners!!
after a technical difficulty induced hiatus WXBC is here to stay for the fall semester. starting tomorrow we will be broadcasting 24/7--either with a live show or recorded playlist. check the schedule!

EDIT: Our broadcasting links have changed since last year, if you are trying to connect to WXBC through itunes using a saved link, please re-download it under the listen tab.
Also, because of this, the new off campus link is being blocked by the firewall, we are working to fix this.

Fall 2011 Schedule is UP!

Welcome DJs!
The schedule for the start of the fall semester 2011 is up and ready to go!
Of course there will be adds and edits as we progress but so far we have an awesome line-up. Check it out!


Here it is!

if for some crazy reason more than 50 applications get filed, it will shut it down. if so email and we will do it that way. Thanks!!


online application

just don't use it. please.
there will be a neat way to apply once the semester starts, i just have to figure it out.


Dear all listeners/djs/fans,
Tonight a vital peace of equipment for that runs the show over at WXBC broke. We don't know if we will be able to fix it yet and shows have been cancelled until we do. We will post if and when we are up and running again.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.


Due to some delays in the post office we were unable to get our hands on all the applications that came in. To be fair we are postponing scheduling until Monday, the schedule will go out that afternoon and a mandatory meet and greet/training session will take place Tuesday night. Thanks for hanging with us. Welcome back to WXBC!


Welcome Back!
Applications are now out for your use. Due to some printer issues in Henderson only a few hard copies made it, which can be found in the file holder by printer #3. For the rest of you, it'd be really awesome if you could print one out (find it here, fill it out, and submit it via campus mail to box 811 by 5:00pm on January 28th. Like last semester the schedule will go up the next day and will we start the next Monday.

Happy applying!

Winter Break

Hey listeners,
WXBC is now on winter break until the last week of January and the start of the new semester. There will be a new schedule up then so look out for changes!
Have a great break!

--WXBC Staff

Schedule is up!

Hey DJs!
Welcome! Check your email for more details about getting started!
If you applied and didn't get a show, it was because we didn't get your application. Submit again and we will work towards fitting you in!